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Environmental Scan Report

This section of the website contains our environmental scan of gender-based violence supports across the settlement sector in Canada.  The resources collected are accessible through our dropbox and you can check out the organization websites for more information.

A working group with representatives from each of the project partners collaborated in the collection and analysis of data for this environmental scan.


- Kathryn Bates-Khan - Project Manager, YMCA of Greater Halifax/ Dartmouth
- Erin Whitmore - Ending Violence Association of Canada
- Lauren Barker - Elmwood Community Resource Centre
- Sidrah Ahmad-Chan - Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants


We also gratefully acknowledge feedback from our project partners:

- Deb Tomlinson - Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services
- Nina Condo - CISSA-ACSEI Representative, Elmwood Community Resource Centre
- Sajedeh Zahraei - Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants
- Tracy Porteous - Ending Violence Association B.C.

Report Authored by: Dr. Salina Abji, Sociologist and Research Consultant

Date: December 9, 2019


In July 2019, a research consultant was hired to lead the data collection and analysis, and to author the final report. In August 2019, a working group was formed with representatives from each of the partner organizations. This working group played a key role in designing and implementing the research.


Since September 2019, we have collected and reviewed over 230 publicly-available materials for this scan. Materials were initially sourced by the research consultant using key word searches and website reviews informed by the consultant’s subject matter expertise. As the repository of information grew, the working group and partners sourced additional materials through their networks and informed by their areas of expertise. Where possible, we focused on the most recent research on each area, and adopted an intersectional approach in examining each theme from as many social locations as possible.


The materials were then analyzed using a collaborative approach: while the research consultant was primarily responsible for synthesizing the materials and preparing draft analyses, the research benefited from extensive weekly consultations with the working group as well as review and feedback from project partners. It was during these consultations that the working group identified and discussed “case examples” that could be used to illustrate promising examples of what we found through the research.


The materials we collected are saved in a repository that can be accessed by project partners, and we hope it can be transformed into a resource for workers across the country. Our repository includes a range of materials: previous research reports, a broad sample of training Environmental Scan Report, December 2019 5 materials on GBV for diverse newcomer and refugee groups as well as for the workers who support them, examples of promising practices such as risk assessment tools and safety planning protocols, and more!

2022- Literature Review

This Environmental Scan is a supplementary review that outlines key developments and publications relating to both the settlement and anti-violence sectors from January 2020 to March 2022.


This review examined 90 documents published between January 2020 and March 2022. Research Consultant Ashley Major gathered all resources over a four-month period from November 2021 to March 2022. All materials were gathered using keyword searches of open-source materials and websites relating to the settlement sector and GBV against non-status, refugee, and immigrant women (NSRI). While there are many sources that pertain to either the anti-GBV sector or the settlement sector, this Environmental Scan includes only those resources that span both sectors in some manner.


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