These are the selected resources found in the Environmental Scan that may be useful to service providers, refugee sponsors and other community members. 

2016 Census Data - Immig vs Non-Immig

Refugees & Forced Migration_ A Canadian Perspective

List of Research Publications

Refugee Research Sharing Hub - Research Projects on Syrian Newcomers

Starting out in smaller communities may be better for refugee populations - Research description and links

Info sheet on Newcomers with Disabilities

Knowledge Synthesis - Immigrant Women and Settlement - Summary

Knowledge Synthesis - Immigrant Women and Settlement

Calgary LIP 2013 - Literature Review for Settlement and Integration

CBC 2019 - Small cities give Syrian refugees better start, big ones offer better future

CCBR 2019 - Annotated Bibliography evaluating refugee programs

CHRA 2007 - Housing needs of Immigrants and Refugees

FFE 2013 - Profile of Low Income Families in Edmonton

MHC 2016 - Supporting mental health of refugees - backgrounder

OLIP 2016 - History-and-Legacy-of-Refugee-Resettlement-In-Ottawa_A-Primer

Oliphant 2018 - Government Response to Yazidi Refugees report

Oliphant 2018 - Yazidi Refugees report

Refugee Settlement Training Program 2016 - Settlement Workers Guide to PSR

Statistics Canada 2015 - Immigrant Women

Stats Can 2019 - Immigration&EthnoculturalData - Presentation slides

StatsCan 20XX - Population Projections 2011-2036

StatsCan 2016 - Report on Visible Minority Women in Canada

Syrian pilot helps Nova Scotia newcomers find jobs _ Local _ News _ The Chronicle Herald

Vancouver Status of Women 2008 - Race Relations Timeline Canada

Wilkinson 2014 - Newcomer Experiences Western Canada - interim report

Zellama et al 2018 - Francophone settlement Winnipeg - Research report



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Kathryn Bates-Khan

Manager, Gender-Based Violence Prevention Project