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Community Organizations

Forced Marriage – SALCO

Forced marriage is a practice in which a marriage takes place without the free consent of the individuals getting married, where pressure or abuse is used to ‘force’ one or both people to marry against their will.


OCASI's Initiative to End Gender-Based Violence in Immigrant and Refugee Communities provides resources, education and leadership to the settlement sector and the broader community on gender-based violence prevention and survivor support.

Trans Newcomers Resource Hub - MOSAIC

The Trans Newcomer Online Resource Hub is an online community where newcomer transgender folks (refugee claimants, refugees, protected persons, immigrants, work/study permit holders, and anyone who feels new to B.C.)


The goal of the Immigrant and Refugee Communities - Neighbours, Friends and Families (IRCNFF) Campaign is to raise awareness about the warning signs of woman abuse and promote bystander intervention within immigrant and refugee communities across Ontario. 

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